Equal Rights – Equal Responsibilities

Representatives to international organizations

United Nations

New York:  

  • Soon-Young Yoon – main representative
    Soon-Young Yoon holds a PhD in anthopology. She has worked with UNICEF in Southeast Asia and the WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia in Delhi.  She is a board member of the Global Advisory Council at the Harvard AIDS Initiative and of the International Foundation for Ewha Womans University. She currently works as a consultant for the WHO Tobacco Free Initiative. She is ex-chair of the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, New York
  • Natalia Kostus
    Natalia Kostus has a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. She has 8 years of experience in international diplomatic and United Nations settings with primary focus on policy development, advocacy, and analysis in UN negotiations and decision‐making processes of programmes and funds. She has knowledge of institutional mandates, policies and legal instruments on sustainable development, social and economic rights, environment, and climate change. She is convener of the IAW Commission on Climate Change.
  • Irini Sarlis
    Irini Sarlis is an architect and a member of the UN Team
  • Judith Gordon
    Judith Gordon is a member of the UN Team in New York, Lecturer in Psychiatry Yale University.
  • Lyna Castillo-Javier- representative to DPI
    Lyna has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications/Journalism from Florida International University and a Master of Arts in Religion and Religious Education from Fordham University. She co-chairs the Metro New York Chapter’s Film Subcommittee of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women. Her focus is on education, women’s role in peace and security, peace building and humanitarian affairs.


  • Lyda Verstegen,
    Lyda Verstegen is a lawyer by education. She served as President of the IAW 2010–2013. She is a former President of Vrouwenbelangen in the Netherlands and chair of the Appeals Commission for Personnel of the Ministry of Social Affairs of The Netherlands.
    She is now convener of the IAW Commission on Human Rights
  • Esther Suter
    (Rev.) Esther R. Suter, from Switzerland, worked as a trilingual secretary from 1968-1970 in Paris, then studied theology and was ordained pastor in the Reformed Church of Switzerland; 1982 delegated by Women for Peace Switzerland to the 2nd UN-Special Session on Disarmament in New York City; in 1983 she did pastoral volunteer work in New York City “Hell’s Kitchen”. 1984 stay in Chile during military dictatorship, co-initiator of a project for street children with Servicio Paz y Justicia Chile. 1985 delegated for the 3rd UN World Conference on Women in Nairobi as a journalist.  1995 delegated to the 4th UN World Conference on Women in Beijing as a journalist; Vice-President of the International Association of Liberal Religious Women.
  • Derya Akinci Briand
    Derya Akinci Briand is a law professor living in Switzerland since 2008. She is from Turkey, born in 1984. After her law studies, she followed her career with a master and LL.M degree in International Business Law and European Law at the University of Lausanne. She is a multicultural person and speaks several languages such as Turkish, English, French. Besides her moderate capacity in Italian and German, she is also learning Russian and Chinese. Currently, she is working at a private university in Zurich. She has worked before in several places including United Nations and Swiss Banks as well as a legal consultant in Monaco.

    She believes women rights are very important due to gender issues and the difficulties women face worldwide. 
  • Eugenia Tsoumani Eugenia Tsoumani is a lawyer, specialized in labour and European law. She is Secretary General of the Foundation of Economic and Industrial Research, Greece, former Member of Parliament – Constituency State, Secretary General (Deputy Minister) on Gender Equality for 6 years. Former President of the Supplementary Social Security Fund.
    As Secretary General of Gender Equality, she established legislation on Violence against Women as well as Equal Opportunities in Employment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. Current Vice President of the Political Association of Women and Board Member of the League for Women Rights.

World Health Organization

  • Ursula Nakamura – Stoecklin
    Ursula Nakamura-Stoecklin is a registered nurse and has received further education in health and administration. She  has a long experience in specialized health care. She was a general director of a residential home for the elderly.
    She is advocating for human rights and was Co-President of the Swiss Association for Women’s Rights ADF-SVF Suisse.
  • Seema Uplekar
    Seema Uplekar has a bachelor’s degree in economics, is experienced in fund raising and is treasurer of United Nations Women’s Guild in Geneva. 



  • Monique Bouziz
    French Vice President of Association des femmes de l’Europe Méridionale, member of the French Coordination of the European Women’s Lobby and ‘Dialogue between Cultures’ among other Committees.
  • Danielle Levy
    Danielle Levy is a teacher by education and has served as the translator for IAW of documents from English into French for the past two triennia. She represents IAW at UNESCO
  • Renée Gérard
    Renée Gérard is a French citizen who worked for the United Nations on long-term assignments in different countries of Africa and Asia and also on short consultancies for UNFPA and the World Bank in Rwanda Congo. Having been granted a Fulbright scholarship she was able to study at Columbia University and spent three years in New York. Life shaped her as a citizen of the world. As a member of multidisciplinary teams (dominantly male), she became a specialist in education and community development. Her advocacy for gender-sensitive measures called attention to the need to develop specific programmes for women in developmentUpon retirement she got involved as an activist  in different women associations : in the French association where she was the coordinator for international relations, in the French Coordination for the European Women’s Lobby, in the European Women’s Lobby where she was an administrator and cooperated closely with IAW branch in France  until she finally joined IAW as a member.In recognition of her achievements  for women’s rights the French Government decorated her with Légion d’honneur and the University Women of Europe gave her the Jans Gremmée Award She is also a defender of environment, adept at  sustainable development and belongs to Platform launched by the French  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Women’s associations to advise on gender and climate change.
  • Ida Kurth
    Ida Kurth is a biochemist and university lecturer by profession

Food and Agricultural Organization, Rome

  • Jessika Kehl-Lauff


  • Rosy  Weiss – main representative
    President of IAW 2004 -2010  First Vice Chairperson of the NGO Committee on the Status of Women at the UN in Vienna (???), Austria, retired official of the Ministry for Social Security, Generations and Consumer Protection and the Ministry of the Environment. She is convener of the IAW Commission on Peace
  • Daniela Reiter
    Daniela Reiter is an industrial psychologist. She was first elected to the IAW board in 2010. She was Policy Officer for Gender Equality, Austrian National Youth Council, Vienna, where she developed and established genderize!, a mentoring project for young women
  • Erica van  Engel
    Erica van Engel represents IAW at UNIDO

 Other International Bodies:

African  Union

  • Mmabatho Ramagoshi
    Mmabatho Ramagosh is Secretary General of  the International Alliance of women. She has a master’s degree in Public Administration and is currently Acting Chief Executive Officer of the South African Heritage Reources Agency She is President of the Mmabatho Foundation for Women’s DEvelopment, has served  on the IAW  Board for 6 years and is IAW’s representative to the African Union

Arab League

  • Horeya Megahed
    Horeya Megahed is a member of the Hoda Charawi Association, Egypt. Dr. of Political Science with a career in academia at Cairo University, appointment to the Supreme Administrative Court of the State Council and author of numerous publications.

Council of Europe

  • Anje Wiersinga
    Anje Wiersinga is a medical doctor and has rich and varied international experiences. She represents IAW at the Council of Europe and is Convener of the Commission on Democracy
  • Monique Bouchet
  • Betty Doornenbal

European Women’s Lobby

  • Arina Angerman
    Arina Angerman is a great online and offline networker, who loves to be active in policy-making. Since 1980 she has developed extensive expertise as a historian and (project) manager  in gender studies, women in decision-making 50/50, gender equality and digital skills. She is a consultant in  how to use social media and has her own business:  Social Media 4 Baby Boomers
  • Marion Böker, alternate
    Marion Böker is a Member of the Deutscher Frauenring, owner of boeker-consult, a consultancy for Human Rights and Gender Issues. This is her second term on the board of IAW. She is alternate representative of IAW to the European Women’s Lobby

International Criminal Court

  • Deidre Pirro
  • Jocelynne Scutt
    Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt is a barrister and Human Rights Lawyer, County
    Councillor for Cambridgeshire, Visiting Professor at the University of
    Buckingham and author.

 Washington Working Group on International Criminal Court

  • Susanne Riveles
    Peace Activist, specialist in and lecturer on African affairs.