We are a Union of rural women whose organization was established in November 2001 and was registered as a union in May 2003. It is a non profit, non governmental, apolitical and non partisan organization. The organization aimed at improving on the living conditions of rural women through empowerment in information dissemination on sustainable agriculture, live-stock, human rights and its violation in their community, hygiene and sanitation. Micro financing to enable access to credit. We carry on capacity building and educational programs through training and sensitization, to create awareness and promote a gender and development approach in rural communities in Cameroon most especially as they are the vulnerable group.

The union is made up of 26 groups of women with 248 registered members in the pilot centre in Bali and over 200 members in the other centres.

The organization has carried on information dissemination through reading and translating the LEISA (Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture www.leisa.info) magazine from ILEIA (Centre for Information on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture; Environmental Information) in the Netherlands to empower the women on sustainable farming practices.

We have also carried on training on food processing and are running some cassava processing mills which we acquired through the support of Rabobank Foundation in the Netherlands. We are equally carrying on a micro-credit scheme to empower the women economically and have trained them on their civic rights and responsibilities, food preservation, roles and responsi-bilities of a leader. The adult literacy classes are ongoing. They also had training on soil fertility management as the leader of the union acquired information from a seminar in the Netherlands on soil fertility management and sustainable agriculture through the support of CTA (Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation).

The BAWUFAG was a 2008 recipient of the Women's World Summit Foundation Prize for Women's Creativity in Rural Life.


Our Vision

To alleviate poverty and misery in the Rural Community and to see a yielding respect of human rights.

Our Mission

To strengthen the capacity of the rural community through information dissemination, sustainable development, access to credit facility, education and equal opportunities, with other agencies and institutions.