Equal Rights – Equal Responsibilities


Joanna Manganara – Greece

Chief Representative to the United Nations

manganaraJoanna Manganara is a former Minister-Counselor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, a member of the Greek League of Women’s Rights and a member of the board of the Greek Council for Refugees and the Hellenic Committee for UNICEF.


Honorary President
Lyda Verstegen – The Netherlands

lvLyda Verstegen is a lawyer by education. She served as President of the IAW 2010–2013. She is a former President of Vrouwenbelangen in the Netherlands and chair of the Appeals Commission for Personnel of the Ministry of Social Affairs of The Netherlands. She is currently convener of the IAW Commission on Human Rights.

Executive Vice Presidents:

Bashan Rafique – United Kingdom / Pakistan

bashanBashan Rafique has a master’s degree in English literature and has received training in financial planning. She has served as IAW Executive Vice President since 2010 and is chair of the UK All Pakistan Women’s Association.



Jessika Kehl-Lauff – Switzerland

jessikaJessika Kehl-Lauff  was President of the Swiss Association for the Rights of Women (ADF/SVF ) 1997–2009, President of the Appenzell Red Cross, Judge of the Appellate Court of Appenzell Rh. Ext. (1987–2011), and Member of the Municipal Council in Grub AR.


Secretary General
Regina Smit – The Netherlands
Representative to the United Nations as Chief Administrative Officer

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Regina has been educated in facility management, has worked as PR Manager for the Dutch Dairy Association, as a hotel manager and now runs a freelance consultancy on food, nutrition and cooking.
In 2007 Regina was Women’s Representative on the Delegation of the Netherlands to the General Assembly of the United Nations. She is a  member of Zonta International, where she has served as a member of  international committees and Governor in Europe


Rosy Weiss – Austria



Rosy was President of IAW 2006 – 2011




Regional Vice Presidents:

Marion Böker –  Germany

marionMarion Böker is a Member of the Deutscher Frauenring, owner of boeker-consult, a consultancy for Human Rights and Gender Issues. This is her second term on the board of IAW. She is alternate representative of IAW to the European Women’s Lobby.


Johanna Sterbin – USA
North America

johannaJohanna Sterbin is a lawyer by education. She is a professor at Pace University, NY and an Administrative Law Judge, City of New York. She is a UN representative for IAW and the International Federation of Women Lawyers.



Mapule Ncanywa –  South Africa
Sub Saharan Africa

marionMapule Ncanywa is General Manager for Consumer Goods Council of South Africa, Executive member of Mmabatho Foundation for Women’s Development. She is convener of the IAW Commission on The Elimination of Violence Against Women.


Asha Deshpande  –  India
South East Asia

Asha Deshpande is educated in Management, Accounting and Taxation. She is Vice President of All India Women’s Conference and has served on the Board of IAW since 2010.

Other Board Members:

Tova Ben-Dov – Israel

tovaTova Ben-Dov is the international President of the Women’s International Zionist Organization (WIZO) and a Vice President of the World Jewish Congress.



Margunn Bjørnholt – Norway

margunnMargunn Bjørnholt is a sociologist and a Research Professor at the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies. She is a former President of the Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights and of the Norwegian Women’s Lobby.


Rakesh Dhawan – India

rakeshRakesh Dhawan is  Director (Administration and Public Relations) of a company dealing in Oilfield Equipment and Aluminium Utensil. She served as treasurer of IAW  2007–2010.



Louise Deumer – The Netherlands

louiseLouise Deumer was the  founder and owner of “Agrarische Studiereizen”, a professional tour operating company.” After retirement she founded and manages “Agrarian Tours/Discover Holland Tours. She is a founding member of Agricultural Tour Operators International.



Gudrun Haupter – Germany

gudrunGudrun Haupter is a retired professional translator. She is a member of the Deutscher Frauenring, expert for projects in West Africa, convener of the IAW Commission on Health. She represents IAW at WHO.



Natalia Kostus – Poland / USA

Natalia Kostus color photo for IAWNatalia Kostus has a master’s degree in public administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. She has 8 years of experience in international diplomatic and United Nations settings with primary focus on policy development, advocacy, and analysis in UN negotiations and decision‐making processes of programmes and funds. She has knowledge of institutional mandates, policies and legal instruments on sustainable development, social and economic rights, environment, and climate change. She is convener of the IAW Commission on Climate Change.



Danielle Levy – France

danielleDanielle Levy is a teacher by education and has served as the translator for IAW of documents from English into French for the past two triennia. She represents IAW at UNESCO.



Thobekile Maphumulo – South Africa

IMG-20130822-WA001Thobekile Maphumulo is an advisor at the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality and a social science in development studies postgraduate. An MBA member at Henley Business School. Thobekile holds a certificate from Unisa BMR in Marketing Research, obtained a Management Advancement Program (MAP) qualification from Henley SA. She serves on the board of Katota Property Management based in SA and Dubai. She has been a member of IAW for 4 years and is responsible for UN-Habitat, Nairobi.

Sanna Pajusolo – Finland

sannaSanna Pajusalo is an attorney-at -law, served as vice-chair of Feminist Association Unioni 2008–2010 and was a board member of the Finnish–Estonian Trade Association 2006–2011. Apart from Finnish, she speaks Swedish, English, French, Spanish and Russian.


Daniela Reiter – Austria

danielaDaniela Reiter is an industrial psychologist. She was first elected to the IAW board in 2010. She was Policy Officer for Gender Equality, Austrian National Youth Council, Vienna, where she developed and established genderize!, a mentoring project for young women.

Ruhi Sayid – Pakistan

ruhiRuhi Sayid is a bachelor of social science and has 35 years of diversified experience in the field of Gender, Poverty and Social Work. She is chair of All Pakstan Women’s Association in Punjab.



Jocelynne Scutt – Australia / United Kingdom

JocelynneDr Jocelynne A. Scutt is a barrister and human rights Lawyer, County Councillor for Cambridgeshire, Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham and author.



Signe Vahlun – Denmark

signeSigne Vahlun has an MA in International Development Studies and Cultural Encounters. She is currently employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Head of Section in the Green Growth department. She is a board member of the Danish Women’s Society.


Anne Wegge – Finland

anneAnne Wegge has a  master’s degree in theology and has studied library and information science. She is Vice President and personnel manager of the Feminist Association Unioni.



Anje Wiersinga – The Netherlands

anjeAnje Wiersinga is a medical doctor and has a varied international experience. She is a member of Vrouwenbelangen, the Netherlands, Orepresents IAW at the Council of Europe and is a convener of the IAW Commission on Democracy



Olive Bloomer Stick
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Olive Bloomer
IAW President 1979 – 1989
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