To carry out the action program, the IAW appoints Commissions to work with specific topic areas.

The IAW currently has the following Commissions:

Commission on Climate Change


Commission on Democracy

Convener: Anje Wiersinga

Commission on Health

Convener: Gudrun Haupter

Commission on Human Rights

Convener: Lyda Verstegen

Commission on Violence against Women

Convener: Signe Gissel Schmidt

Commission on Gender and the Economic Crisis

Convener: Joanna Manganara
The economic recession following the financial crisis poses threats to gains in gender equality, poverty, in fact to all the Millennium goals. IAW has decided to implement capacity building on feminist economics of its members to enable them to undertake important actions on these issues, and we will prepare a side event on this topic in relation to the CSW 58 in New York 2014.

Commission on Peace

Convener: Heide Schütz, Manu Kak, Esther Suter

Commission on Education

Convener: K.G. Vijayalakshmi

Commission on GDPR

Convener: Lene Pind