Alison Brown - U.S.A.

Representative to the United Nations as Chief Executive Officer
Picture of IAW President Alison Brown - Photo de la Présidante de lAIF Alison Brovn

Feminist, researcher, women’s historian, writer. 

Member of IAW for over 30 years:

Representative to the UN Conference on Human Rights, Vienna 1993 and to one session of the ILO

Secretary General 2002  2007, 

Coorganizer and Moderator for the Centennial Celebration in Berlin 2004,

Delegate to the United Nations in Vienna  Head of Delegation 20042010, 

Web Content manager for womenalliance.org 20022013 

Head of Election Committee 20102020

IAW President 2022-2025

Secretary General

Miranda Tunica Ruzario – South Africa

Representative to the United Nations as Chief Administrative Officer

Tunica Miranda Ruzario holds a degree in social sciences and has over 10 years working experience in the administration and financial departments having worked in both Zimbabwe and South Africa respectively. She has also worked for several NGOs in Zimbabwe that deal with women’s rights, gender based violence and gender equality from grassroots levels.

Miranda has been Assistant Secretary General since 2018.


Dr. Antonia Lavine - USA

Photo of IAW Treasurer Antonia Lavine

Dr. Antonia Lavine is a lawyer with over 20-year experience in criminal prosecution, litigation, and oversight. She holds Master of Laws degrees in International Legal Studies and United States Legal Studies from the San Francisco Golden Gate University School of Law. 

As a public prosecutor and criminal law expert in Europe, she specialized in law enforcement, justice reform and legislative action in the areas of human rights protection and combating complex crime, including money laundering, corruption, human trafficking, and other forms of organized crime. With law degrees in both the civil and common law legal systems, Antonia is consulted regularly for her comparative and international law expertise and has served on numerous government, UN, and NGO-sponsored projects and panels. She has directly contributed to drafting various pieces of domestic and international legislation, including the European Convention on Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings, and served for several years as an appointed expert on the European Union’s Group of Experts on Trafficking in Human Beings.

In her current positions as Treasurer of the International Alliance of Women, Director of the San Francisco, Coordinator of the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking, and Executive Director of the National Council of Jewish Women San Francisco, Antonia utilizes her legal expertise and project management skills in social justice reform and advocacy action. For her social justice work in fighting discrimination, violence and exploitation, Antonia has received the prestigious CEDAW Women’s Human Rights Award of the San Francisco Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women and Award of Recognition for Outstanding Achievements in Cross-System Collaboration from the California Department of Social Services.

Vice Presidents

Dr. Ernestine Ngo Melha - France/Cameroon

Dr. Ernestine Ngo Mhela

Dr. Ernestine Ngo Melha is founder and director and main representative to the UN of the Association d’Aide à l’Education de l’Enfant Handicapé (AAEEH), an NGO created in 1998, granted with special consultative status with the United Nations since 2013. With nearly 25 years of experience, Ernestine contributes actively and significantly to the advancement of the consideration of disability in various fields. In recent years, she has been involved in the post-2015 agenda, in cross-cutting issues related to disability such as gender and particularly in the Beijing+25 process and the generation equality forum.
She is passionate about a human rights-based approach to development and education.

Goma Devi Bastola - Nepal

Photo Goma Devi Bastola Nepal

Goma Devi Bastola is the president of RUWON Nepal and also acts as managing director. She has fellowship of National Endowment for Democracy NED in 2016. She is also a Soroptimist. She is an experienced networker, has very good contacts, both nationally and internationally and is a natural public speaker.

She has been working with the Rural Women’s Network Nepal (RUWON) since 2011 and RUWON is the associated member of IAW. She grew up and attended school and university in Sindhuli District, which has provided her with a valuable insight into the challenges and inequalities faced by women and girls living in rural Nepal. As a social worker she is specialized in women’s and children’s rights. This contributed towards her desire to become actively involved within the sector of women and girl’s rights, education and empowerment.