1. to draw attention to the widespread use of gender-based violence as a political weapon in violation of International Human Rights Conventions.
  2. to discuss what Governments/NGO’s could and should do to combat and prevent this through the implementation and monitoring of UN SC Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security and its subsequent resolutions.
  3. to formulate a recommendation on the outcome of the discussion. 

NB. We also want to emphasise how empowerment, participation and leadership of women can protect against and prevent violence. 


  1. Hibaaq Osman, Director KARAMA :  on the situation in the MENA Region and its solution.
  2. Speaker on the situation in the Congo and other countries South of the Sahara and its solution.
  3. Mr Jan Reynders, MenEngage or another member of MenEngage on the situation and role of men.
  4. Government speaker on the importance of NAP 1325 (National Action Plans).
  5. Ms Horeya Megahed, IAW Representative at the Arab League on the role of the Arab League.
  6. Speaker on the role of the Council of Europe 


1. Director of KARAMA Ms Hibaaq Osman 

2. President of International Alliance of Women Ms Joanna Manganara.