16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence

Seema Uplekar, treasurer of IAW and  IAW representative to WHO has created a petition in the context of the campaign against gender based violence

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Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people  get involved — please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

WIZO Israel

As a women’s social movement focusing on the advancement of women, WIZO sees eradication of domestic violence as a key issue in its work. The statistics are shocking. In 2012 19 women were murdered by people they knew: spouses, partners or other family members. Very few women file charges with the police, and most cases opened by the police are closed again due to lack of evidence.

Legislation in Israel is very advanced, but law enforcement is completely insufficient, and the number of casualties and mortalities has increased.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women November 25 

IMG_1331Wizo marks the day every year by organizing a ceremony to honour the memory of the women who lost their lives during the past year due to domestic violence. The ceremony receives wide media coverage

In its everyday consistent work to combat domestic violence WIZO runs the following projects:

  • Shelters for battered women and their children
  • Assistance to battered women who file a police complaint
  • Centres for the prevention and treatment of violence in the family
  • Girls’ clubs
  • “Warm homes”
  • Young Power
  • Mentoring
  • Preparation for couple relationship project
  • “Come out of the Shadows” campaign – men combat domesic violence

Read the full report: DOMVIO 2013 (2)

All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA)

  • APWA has managed to move the marriage age for girls to be 18 years, but it is not being implemented forcefully. Together with other NGOs APWA is pushing for identity cards to be  issued for women at the age of 18. This should preempt any violation of the law
  • In Punjab APWA has just inaugurated a workshop where women are making UPS ( uninterrupted Power Supply) and solar panels to help with the electricity shortage. This is part of an empowering  of women project
  • In  Baluchistan,  a volatile district,  APWA has employed a security company  to protect their APWA workers travelling too and fro.  Also to protect the tuition centres at the school premises. They have enthusiastically opened tuition classes in the English Language which is now a necessity for IT.

All Pakistan Women’s Association in Punjab

To mark the International Day of Violence against Women November 25, 2013, APWA Punjab held a seminar:
Youth Emerging as a Positive Force towards 

Read more: Symposium Highlights


 Lithuanian Women’s Society

Violence against women is wide spread in Lithuania. During the 16 Days of Activism Campaign a number of activities take place in different parts of  the country: information campaigns, films, conferences and seminars.  In the capital of Lithuania a seminar about sexual violence towards women is held.  It is the first  such event organized by Women’s Information and Education Centre. This centre was co-founded by Lithuanian Women’s Society and its focus is the struggle against domestic violence. It provides psychological assistance, works on  interpersonal relations, organizes information campaigns to prevent violence against women etc.


Deutsche Frauenring e.V., Germany

On the occasion of the International Day against Gender Based Violence, the Deutsche Frauenring e.V. demands legal and enforceable protection for all women who live in Germany.
In detail, the Deutsche Frauenring e.V. requests a consistent adoption of national regulations which extend the protection framework of the existing law. Furthermore, enforcement of the law must be ensured and a comprehensive financial concept for an extensive aid network is needed to meeting the requirements of the international Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of  Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). All women living in Germany must be protected from domestic violence. The members’ meeting of the German Women’s Council has already asked the Federal Government for a revision of the law in accordance with the principal: “The one who does the hitting has to go! And can only be allowed see the children again, if change in the potentially hazardous behavior is demonstrated.”


adf/svf, Switzerland

Anna in Switzerland

le mercredi 27 novembre
Casino de Montbenon, salle Paderewski, Lausanne

apéritif de bienvenue
discussion avec la réalisatrice, Chantal MILLES
Amnesty International et l’Organisation Internationale des Migrations

Posée, courageuse, digne, Anna raconte comment, en Suisse, elle a été victime de la traite des êtres humains. Mais surtout, elle témoigne de son combat pour retrouver une vie normale et réaliser ses rêves. 

La traite des êtres humains est un crime et une violation des droits humains. Elle désigne le commerce de personnes à des fins d’exploitation et utilisant des moyens déloyaux. Il peut s’agir soit d’une exploitation sexuelle, de la force de travail ou en vue du prélèvement d’organes. En 2012, la police fédérale a estimé entre 2000 et 3000, le nombre potentiel de victimes de la traite dans notre pays. 

Merci de confirmer votre participation à la soirée du 27 novembre en cliquant sur ce lien d’invitation:

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Vrouwenbelangen, The Netherlands

On 10 December, international day of Human Rights, prof. Renée Roemkens, director of Atria, speaks about the impact on  local governments of European laws in the fight against Violence Against Women. The Istanbul Convention stipulates expressly that the difference in power between women and men should be taken into account. However, the plans of the four largest cities in the Netherlands don’ t have the required gender angle.  A bad example for the smaller towns.
Atria is the successor of the International Information Center and Archives of the Women’s Movement (IIAV) where the archives of IAW are kept.

The Netherlands’ Women’s Council, of which Vrouwenbelangen is a member, organizes a meeting for its International Network on the Council of Europe. On 16 December the Istanbul Convention to Prevent and Combat Violence against Women and Domestic Violence will be explained by IAW representative  to the Council of Europe Betty Doornenbal. Betty has been elected Gender Expert of the INGO community at the Council of Europe.

Apart from the explicit gender angle the Convention distinguishes itself by being open to other states than the 47 members of the Council of Europe.
The only hitch is: it has to be ratified by 10 members before this can take place.


 IAW in Geneva

The following events will take place in Geneva for this International Alliance of Women (IAW) campaign;
25th November – Campaign Booth at Place de la Fusterie, 12-3 p.m.


5th December – Talk and Q&A on Non Violence and Spirituality at NGO Resource Center, UN, 2-4 p.m.
9th December – Round Table: Asian Perspective on Gender Violence at La pastoral, opposite Hotel Intercontinental, 3-5 p.m.
10th December – Round Table: African Perspective on Gender Violence at NGO Resource Center, UN, 2-4 p.m.


SOFEDEC – Democratic Republic of Congo

Among other activities SOFEDEC organised a seminar on the issue: From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World (see French summary of activities below)

DSCN1446 DSCN1447



Séminaire  de  formation organisé par la SOFEDEC


SAMEDI 16/11/2013.

sous- thème : Comment  trouver  la paix  des nos  maisons  pour la paix dans le monde  en  luttant  contre  les  violences  familiales  a  l’égard de  la  femme.


De  8h30   10h00 : Présentation de la SOFEDEC par le président du C.A.

De 10h00  11h45 : 1ère  intervenante : madame la coordonnatrice de la SOFEDEC.

Paix entre états, Education à la paix, aide à  la construction de la paix, Culture de la paix

De  11h45  12h00 : Repos.

De  12h00   13h20 : 2ème  Intervenant : Charger  de Programme.

Les violences  Familiales a l’égard des Femmes – violence sexuelle; violence conjugale; les violences liées à la dot ; l’infanticide des filles ; les violences sexuelles contre les enfants de sexe féminin du ménage ; les  mutations génitales des femmes et d’autres pratiques traditionnelles préjudiciables  aux femmes ; les mariages précoces; les mariages forces, la violence non conjugale, la violence perpétrée contre les employés de maison ; et d’autres formes d’exploitation.

De  13h20   13h45 : Cocktail

De  13h45   14h15 : Carrefour

De  14h15  14h45 : Exposer des rapports  de carrefour  par  groupe.

De  14h45  15h00 : Rapport  final  de carrefour  par  le  président.

LA  SOFEDEC: a été créée  le  05/01/2012  suite  aux  problèmes  que traverse  le pays  et surtout à la marginalisation et à  la discrimination, injustes et inhumaines   faites aux  femmes  et enfants.


Développer la maturité  de la femme pour  remettre la femme et les enfants dans leurs droits comme les deux personnes les plus vulnérables dans la communauté ; non seulement dans le milieu urbain mais aussi dans les milieux ruraux.

Intégrer  la femme  dans le cadre de prise  de décision et la protection de l’environnement.   La  SOFEDEC s’occupe aussi des enfants orphelins en leur payant les frais de scolarité, l’encadrement des filles-mères etc.


Sécurité  alimentaire
Protection  de l’environnement  (foret)
Défense des droits de la femme et l’enfant

Nous voulons aussi créer d’autres  partenariats au  niveau local, national, et international.