Book recommendation in the run-up to Congress 2022

Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men

Book review by Alison Brown, IAW member since 1992

The International Meeting chose the title of this book as the theme of our 39th Congress: Invisible Women. 

It was a wise choice, as a reading of the book, as described by representatives of our Affiliate SVF-ADF, displays the many issues women in IAW continue to struggle with and offers a reason as to why they remain intractable.

There is not a lot of new information in the book for activists such as ourselves (although the issues surrounding standard, read “male”, hand size did give me an Ah-Ha moment), but it does provide a new impetus for increasing the visibility of women and their issues by actually researching those issues and making the data the basis of a physical as well as conceptual restructuring our world to take them into account. On the other hand, the book should be an eye-opener for people outside of the progressive women’s movement.

Book Invisible Women
by Caroline Criado Perez, New York: Abrams Press, 2019/ 2021
ISBN: 978-1-4197-2907-2

While the time is short before the beginning of Congress, I consider this book recommended reading.

Alison Brown

Invisible Women in translation



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  1. I am sorry, the invitations went out directly to our members some time ago. Registration for the 39th Congress has closed.

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