Canadian Federation of University Women at CSW

The CFUW delegation had a most successful week at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW62) in New York! This event is one of our opportunities to engage with government, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO), and Partners on the issues that affect women.

For the second year in a row, CFUW was awarded the distinct honour of having our Oral Statement selected to be read in General Discussion – Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62 2018), 12th meeting, 21 Mar 2018 – Follow up to Economic and Social Council resolutions and decisions (E/CN.6/2018/10 and E/CN.6/2018/11) [item 5]. At CSW, this is equivalent to receiving the Academy Award! It spotlights our organization and provides a platform to voice our reaction to the Draft Agreed Conclusions member states to the UN are there to finalize. Because we had made contact with the Chair of the session, H.E. Ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason (Ireland), at the beginning of the week, it is noted that there was name recognition in her voice as she invited CFUW to present the oral statement!

In our series of successes, CFUW also hosted a Parallel Event, an event sponsored by the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). This was moderated by our VP International Relations, Cheryl Hayles. The panellists, Teri Shaw of CFUW, Paulette Senior of the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), Collette Prevost of the YWCA and Dr. Joshipura of All India Women Conference (AIWC) presented on the “Opportunities and Challenges of Rural Women in the Global Community”.CFUW’s point of view was based on the Executive Summaries from both Rural Women Surveys (individual members and community organizations) completed in January and February of 2018.

Another significant accomplishment for the CFUW brand was VP International Relations, Cheryl Hayles’ role as a guest panelist on the International Alliance of Women’s (IAW) Parallel Event; “Rural Women’s Empowerment, Strategies and Challenges of Women’s NGOs”. She had the privilege to be interviewed with the UNCSW62 “Woman of Distinction” Sizani Ngubani. This was a second opportunity to share the voices of women who live in rural areas.

We distributed our position paper, “Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Rural Canada’s Women and Girls” to our Canadian politicians. MP Sheila Malcolmson, B.C., complimented CFUW as she stated we have well researched papers.

The Executive Summaries of the Rural Women Surveys (Individual and Community Organizations) were shared with 3 Federal Ministers and the Canadian Team working on the draft Agreed Conclusions.

The intention is to influence the outcome document with our findings and to engage in the conversation with stakeholders. The aforementioned documents were requested by several stakeholders. In a very understated manner, CFUW had collected primary data that became helpful to Canadian Ministers and NGOs in their deliberations!

VP International Relations met with the Canadian Federal Minister of the Status of Women, Ms. Monsef, at the Canadian Permanent Mission to the UN. The conversation with the minister was most insightful. While at the Reception hosted by the Canadian Ambassador to the UN for Canadian Non-Government Organizations both the President and VP International Relations established contact with other like minded organizations

The CFUW delegates were asked to reflect on the 4 questions, one of which was “ I wished to attend because..

The whole report is available here:    UNCSW62 Report