Celebrating International Women’s Day : Peace rally in India

March 8 WHI Women Empowerment and Human Resource Development Centre of India (WHI) celebrated the Women’s Day  on March 8th    in  association with   International Women’s Peace Group ( IWPG),   International Alliance of Women, LBS institute of technology for women, All India Women’s Conference ( AIWC) , Chirayin Keezhu branch   and  Sandepani school .

The celebration included a peace rally where women were carrying carrying placards with captions such as ‘stop violence against women’,’ stop female foeticide’,’ treat children well’, ‘be a man not a beggar to ask dowry’,   ‘bruises fade, but the pain lasts forever’, ‘not all wounds are visible’ , ‘be bold’ etc.

Report sent by Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi, chair of WHI.

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