Earthquake! Urgent Call for Donations for Victims in Nepal

Nepal in Need after Earthquake

In addition to a recent turbulent individual political history (ten years of civil war (1996 to 2006), abolition of the monarchy in 2008, adoption of a new constitution in 2015), Nepal has not only been severely affected by the global pandemic but is above all exposed to the uninfluenceable shifts of the earth’s plates.
Nepal is one of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world. The last devastating earthquake was recorded in 2015, the earthquake on 3 November was not the first in 2023, but had the strongest destructive force of the year. Whether it will be the last is to be hoped, but no predictions can be made.

Our Vice President Goma Devi Bastola sent us this message:

Last night in Nepal we faced a terrible earthquake in Nepal especially in Jajarkot and Rukum West districts.  We all are safe in Kathmandu but we lost more than 200 people in both districts and thousands are injured so RUWON Nepal is trying to help to those who are in need if support at the moment with basic needs items like food, medicines and sanitary kits etc. One of our frined is in Rukum West district to celebrate the festival and according to him there are so much need as most of the families lost the houses and as the damages villages are very rural and even no easy access to roads and vehicles. It is very hard. Our friend is safe and he is sending us the updates. I am reaching with you if IAW has any emergency funding to support on urgent need?  

People from affected areas really need our support at the moment.

Please circulate this information in your contacts and try to support the victims of earthquake in Nepal.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

IAW does not actually have an emergency fund. However, we do have the opportunity to solicit targeted donations for the victims of the Nepal earthquake.
We ask you to donate money to our Associate RUWON, who will use the money to buy food, tents, sanitary kits for women and girls and so many other basic necessities, as the earthquake has destroyed the homes of the victims, burying all the everyday items underneath.

Goma provided us with some images of the area of devastation

Click on one of the pictures to enlarge it. Use the right-left arrows to scroll through the entire gallery and take a closer look at the earthquake damage.


In recent years, Nepal has made progress in the fight against poverty. The average per capita income has risen continuously since the end of the civil war in 2006. With a gross domestic product per capita of USD 1,354 for 2022 (IMF estimate from October 2023), Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world: 165th out of 194; comparison: USA in 7th place out of 194 with USD 76,343; the figures are slightly better when purchasing power parity is used: Nepal in 155th place with USD 4,787, USA in 9th place with USD 76,343.

For more information about the recent Earthquake you may go to following websites:

RATOPATI: News for Nepal

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  1. Namaste ,
    I Just like to ask,how could we donate money from UK organisations and will we be able to receive proof of our donations reached to the victims of the Jajarkot earthquake. Thank you.

  2. You would have to contact RUWON directly for an answer to your question. IAW is not collecting or managing the donations.

  3. Thank you for information.i am earthquake2023 victim people from jajarkot district bheri municipality of nepal.I have loss my iam home less.any kind people around the world can help to me and my comunity for rebuilding house.

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