Eliminate Violence against Women with IAW

fundraisingRape. Child marriages. Violence against women as a weapon of war. These are some of the issues that  International Alliance of Women will address when women from more than 25 countries from all over the world will gather in Zimbabwe in November 2016 for the 37th international IAW congress.

We are fundraising to enable two leading experts to participate: Georgette Taku Arrey from the organization Tantines du Renata and Anne Pelagie from CEFAP – Ladies Circle.  Both are leaders in their respective organizations in Cameroon, and experts in the field of violence against women in Africa.

Gender-based violence is a persistent challenge in Africa, disproportionately affecting women and children. Approximately 1 in 3 females have experienced some form of sexual abuse by the time they are 18. Media reports of acts of violence against women and children are almost a daily occurrence, and police reports continue to show annual increase in domestic violence and sexual offences against women.

Violence against women and girls comes in many forms and shapes: domestic violence, female genital mutilation and other traditional harmful practices, child marriage,  trafficking of women and girls for sexual and other purposes, femicide, rape etc.

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