How to log into your email on Google Workspace:

  1. If you do not have a gmail account already,  access your IAW email account here: 

    Click Create account (lower left of the box).

    If you already have a gmail account:

    • sign to your account
    • Click the account icon (your image or initials) in the top right corner
    • Click Add another account.
  1. Enter your email address
  2. Enter your password. Alternately, try the Forgot password link and it should send a link to reset your password to your personal email account.
  3. Accept the general terms and conditions.
  4. Change the password if prompted.

How to bring your old emails into Google Workspace:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner. Click Settings.
  2. Click See all Settings.
  3. There are a list of tabs along the top, choose the fourth choice: Accounts and Import.
  4. In the second row is Import mail and contacts; click the blue Import mail and contacts link.
  5. A new window should pop up.  If it doesn’t, please give your browser the permission to open pop-up windows.
  6. In the box asking you What account do you want to import from? enter your full email address.  Click Continue.
  7. Enter the old password from your email account.
  8. The POP username is your full email.
  9. The POP server address is:
  10. Click Start import.
  11. When you return to your inbox, you should see your emails are being imported.
  12. To switch between your personal gmail account and your email account, click the icon in the top right hand corner (your photo, or initials).
    Choose which account you wish to use from the dropdown menu.

switch account