Protection of privacy

The personal data of members are provided by themselves or related to the functions they occupy/ied in IAW. The data consist of name, address, fax- and phone number, e-mail address, year of becoming a member in IAW and, if they are given: professional qualifications and year of birth. IAW does not track its members or collect any data in addition to what is provided, nor does it make data available to outside organisations unless this is necessary to represent the Alliance at the UN and other international bodies. There may be photos of IAW events. Photos may be used in IAW publications.

The members of the extended board receive a list of extended board members for internal communication, under the provision that they will keep the data confidential and will not sell them.

The data are used for justifiable causes: internal communication and archive purposes. (art. 6.1(f) GDPR) Members have the right to a perusal of their data and the right to have them corrected. (cf art 15 +16 GDPR).

When the members end their membership in IAW they can ask for their data to be removed.(cf art. 17 GDPR). No special data in the sense of GDPR are known to IAW. (art.9 GDPR) The data are saved in a database hosted by Microsoft.

The Membership Secretary is responsible for the use of the database, either by herself or by authorized members, such the (A)Secretary General and Treasurer. They will get a password for that purpose. Relevant portions of the data will be made available to Affiliate and Associate members The printers of IWN, the official publication of IAW, receive a file of names and physical addresses, every time it is necessary to print.