Greek League for Women’s Rights: Dismissal of women cleaners in Ministry of Finance is invalid


The General Assembly of the Greek League for Women’s Rights convened on 29 May 2014, unanimously adopted the following Resolution.


The Greek League for Women`s Rights is greatly astonished by the refusal of the Ministry of Finance, in its capacity as employer, to execute with provisionally enforceable decisions of the First Instance Court of Athens upholding the invalidity of the dismissal of women cleaners of this Ministry.
Τhe Ministry knows very well that these judicial decisions, as long as their executory force is not lifted by judgment of the Supreme Civil Court, are absolutely binding on the employer and that the Greek Constitution explicitly requires that the State execute judicial decisions.
The Ministry knows very well that, by refusing to execute the decisions of the First Instance Court, it is violating a series of fundamental rights of these women, which are guaranteed by our Constitution, the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Social Charter and other international human rights conventions, as well as by EU law.
Among the above fundamental rights are, in particular, the right to judicial protection, the right to work, the right to pay and social security and the most fundamental of all rights: the right to a decent life, indeed, the very right to life.
It is incredible and unprecedented that the State, which demands that its citizens respect the judiciary and comply with judicial decisions, should ignore executory judicial decisions and breach fundamental rights, thus violating the principle of the rule of law and exposing our country before the international community.
The League for Women’s Rights will also send this Resolution to the competent European and international bodies.

Αthens, 30 Μay 2014