Help her live when giving life


A summary of the project
Background and justification of the project:
We all know that worldwide, hundreds of thousands of women die from complications during pregnancy or childbirth each year – that’s one woman dying every 90 seconds – and millions more are left with life-altering disabilities. In some countries, one in seven women dies in pregnancy or childbirth. 

These women aren’t dying because the health community doesn’t know how to prevent their deaths; they are dying because the world is failing to help when they are poor.

Saturday, March 12, 2016 was a sad day in Cameroon: a pregnant woman called Monique Koumate  was left to die on the steps of a reference hospital in Cameroon because she had no money to pay for treatment as relatives tried  in vain to deliver twins alive. It is just UNBELIEVABLE to imagine a pregnant woman and her twins abandoned to die because she couldn’t afford payment?

This a sad story which break down people all over the world as the video and images of the late pregnant woman and one of her helpless sister opening her womb when she died with a razor blade to try to rescue the babies while some hospital staff, including nurses stood by, watching the young lady and other relatives weep in agony as she carried out the ‘operation’. Both babies were removed alive but died shortly. It was too late… We lost 3 innocent lives because of poverty and carelessness.

Our organization has been working on maternal health and reproductive rights in Cameroon since 2010.  Reproductive rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality are amongst topics that guide us for priority actions of our work.

After the sad story of late Monique, we immediately had the idea of putting in place a mechanism through this project to help between July 2016-July 2017, 50 disadvantaged, vulnerable and poor pregnant women/young girls.

We also believe that pregnancy and childbirth shouldn’t be a game of chance. We would like through this innovative project bring free medical care for the first year to 50 poor pregnant women/young girls

Who can help? EVERYBODY can get involved and together, we’ll start a journey that will enable us to contribute reducing maternal mortality in Cameroon.


  • Evaluation of needs of each pregnant woman with the collaboration of local communities, health centre, civil society organizations (that’s is already done)
  • Identify 50 poor/disadvantages/vulnerable/disabled pregnant women in the 10 regions of Cameroon that is 5 women per region. (that’s already done)
  • Multiform Assistance to the 50 identified pregnant women until they give birth

 50 women to be saved and babies for the first year of this project… Is it enough? The answer is NO. But let’s start somewhere and look forward to save more lives when there are giving lives.

Expected amount to implement to project:
An evaluation made with the collaboration of the medical corps shows that each pregnant woman from the 3rd month of pregnancy till she gives birth, needs around 500 euros (with an expectation of a normal surgery for any person… Just in case)
For the 50 pregnant women, we need 25 000 euros
We will raise funds gradually and help those pregnant women as we are getting the money at our disposal because we deeply know that it will not be easy to raise 25 000 euros one time. So, we will start with, 1, 2 or 3 women or more according to what we will be able to raise from now till July 2016 and will move on gradually.

Thank you very much for you support

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