“Honour Killing” – APWA Punjab condemns the Terrorism Against Women

APWA  Punjab Executive Committee strongly condemned the heinous stoning to death of three monthpregnant Farzana Iqbal. This terrorism against women’s rights in the capital of Punjab, under the very nose of the Lahore High Court, the highest forum for the dispensation of justice, is extremely gruesome, appalling and deplorable.
 The total failure of the police force present at this crime spot shows the apathy of the law and justice enforcing agencies against the perpetrators of violence against women. APWA Punjab blamed the gender hostile and unconstitutional statements of the Constitutional bodies like the Council of Islamic Ideology etc. which directly target women’s fundamental rights, for the escalation of terrorism against women.
APWA called upon the Punjab government to take exemplary deterrent measures against the culprits and the concerned police officers.
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