IAW in solidarity with Turkish women.

02-01-ohchr-speakupIAW received a request by Turkish women’s and LGBT organisations to show its solidarity against discrimination and penalization of LGBT individuals.

IAW holds human rights to be inalienable and indivisible  for all human beings.

So it is logical that we respond positively to this request.

We are an international organization, and we are inspired by people all over the world and their words.

The Netherlands have the tradition that each year a women’s representative is added to the Dutch delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations. She gets 7 minutes speaking time. This year she spoke about the plight of LGBT people. She said:

“Now is the time to ‘Step it Up’ for all women, be they heterosexual, lesbian, transgender or intersex. Let them feel protected and safe, so that they can lead happy and prosperous lives.”

IAW wholeheartedly agrees.