IAW question for the candidates for UN Secretary General has been shortlisted.

Dear Joanna Manganara,

Congratulations – your question for the candidates for United Nations Secretary-General has been short-listed for the UN General Assembly dialogues with them taking place at UN Headquarters on 7 June 2016!

It was selected by a Committee of 22 civil society representatives from around the world to be on a short-list of 30 questions for the dialogues – from among more than 1500 questions submitted from 70+ countries!

From the 30 short-listed questions, the President of the UN General Assembly (UN PGA) Mr. Mogens Lykketoft will choose some to ask during the UN General Assembly dialogues with the candidates, and some to post on the UN PGA web site for the candidates to respond to in writing. All of the short-listed questions will be circulated via social media after the dialogues. The 30 questions are a short-list for the UN PGA to choose from, so we cannot guarantee that yours will be directly asked to the candidates, but it will receive significant attention in at least one of the ways mentioned above.

Susan Alzner
Head of the New York Office
United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS)