IAW Statement on the Gaza Conflict

From 2000 to now

IAW statement 2000 at the Board Meeting in Tel Aviv, when asked by the host organization, WIZO, to make a political statement in favour of the Israeli policy towards Palestine of that time.

“The IAW as an international women’s organisation working for equality between women and men since 1904 wishes to express the solidarity of its members with the women of the region in these difficult times.

We are deeply concerned with the present situation of turmoil and violence and urge the leaders of the region to immediately stop the fighting and continue their efforts to establish a lasting peace for the benefit of their peoples.

Serious efforts to return to the peace negotiations are required as a condition for building an environment that is conducive to mutual respect and under-standing.”

IAW as a non-partisan, non-religious organisation is of the opinion that religious fanatism and misguided nationalism are the root cause of most of today’s conflicts.

IAW condemns the barbaric attacks by the terrorist organisation Hamas on peaceful Israeli citizens on 7 October 2023, as well as the violence of fanatical Israeli settlers in the West Bank. Our sympathy belongs equally to the Israeli hostages and their families and to the Palestinian people’s suffering.

IAW hopes for a democratic consolidation of the Palestinian Authority, in order to be able to establish peace and the rule of law in Gaza, with the help of like-minded Arab countries, and with the aim of supporting a two-state solution and worldwide support for reconstruction in Gaza, as soon as the conditions for this are met.


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