Million Pad Campaign

When you educate a man you educate an individual. When you educate a woman you educate a generation. This is an African proverb that we grew up being told but this was not the case with our orange day campaign. IAW members Cleopatra Matimbe and Tunica Miranda Ruzario once again volunteered at Zimbabwe UN association in partnership with Allan Wilson Boys High to host and commemorate the Orange Day campaign.

This event went on for 4 hours. It saw 10 different high schools coming together including Harare Junior Parliamentarians. On the lineup was a debate on gender equality followed by a drama on gender based inequality at the workplace. Poetry, songs and dance. The floor was then opened to allow student participation on gender equality issues. Harare Junior Mayor Elton Phiri gave his speech on the launch of the Million Pad Campaign that was launched to aid in the plight of girls both in the rural and urban areas of Zimbabwe who are not able to afford sanitary wear during their monthly circle.

“The whole aim of reaching the targeted million pads was for sustainability purposes“, Elton emphasized. He also added that they had already reached the target and this was due to the massive support he had received from local businessmen, businesswomen and Pastor. It was amazing to see that most of the donations came from men and in a society that portrays a woman as unclean during her cycle, and where talking about it in public has been a taboo.

But here it was men at forefront talking about it and making contributions to help out in all and every way possible. My call to action goes out to all women in the words of Hillary Clinton ‘there’s never been a more important woman than the one who stands up, not just for herself but for everyone else.