NGO-CSW-GE: Informal meeting with Soon-Young Yoon

ngocsw geneva - visit Soon Young July 2017Few NGO representatives were present beside the NGO-CSW commission of Geneva. I had the opportunity as UN-NGO (IAW)-Representative for Human Rights Geneva to participate.

Soon Young stressed the importance of a Congo membership. Congo is allowed to speak at UN and has a bridging role. The next GA will be in Geneva March 1-2 2018. There will be an election for a new president in New York and a new vice-president for Geneva. She proposed the CSW-board that they nominate one candidate and make two supportive nominations.

Is Soon Young going to be a candidate for Congo presidency in NY? What about the vice-presidency for Geneva for the next 3 years, which organization will bring forward a candidate? In Geneva ILO, HRC and New Technologies (for climate change) are of importance.

Next CSW Session in New York will be from March 12-23, 2018. Ireland is now the Head of CSW-Bureau. The Youth Forum is expanding and has become a prominent part of CSW in the responsibility of UN-Women.

It was encouraging to meet Soon Young with her energizing power and her clarity of reflections.

Esther R. Suter