Recent COVID-19 Relief Activities Carried out by AIWC – Rajkot

Recent COVID-19 relief activities carried out by AIWC – Rajkot

by Dr. Bhavna Joshipura
National Vice President – All India Women’s Conference, President AIWC – Rajkot Branch,
First Lady Mayor – City of Rajkot and Advocate

The second wave of COVID-19 is being seen all over the country, and of course, this time the wave is proving to be very dangerous.  The numbers of patients are also much higher.  The Government of India and the State Governments are working tirelessly but given the prevalence of the epidemic, the government alone cannot accomplish it, and NGOs will have also to play a vital role in the fight against the epidemic.

Vaccination has been given special priority by the government of India. In addition, the government has devised a strategy to fight the epidemic of COVID-19 through the threefold method of tracing, testing and treatment.

It is also noteworthy that AIWC, the oldest and largest organisation in the country, has contributed very well to community efforts and welfare activities during the pandemic. It is with a sense of delight and pride that I present a brief report and salient features with highlights of welfare activities undertaken by the Rajkot Branch of AIWC.

Dimensions of Welfare/Relief Activities:

  1. Active and important role of the Urban Health Centre and family planning centre managed by AIWC (Supported by Rajkot Municipal Corporation).
  2. Lodging and boarding facilities to the COVID-19 Warriors including medicals and para-medicals at the Women Hostel managed by AIWC.
  3. Special care of residents living in old age home.
  4. Counselling services.
  5. Supportive care of the area in charge and the beneficiaries of “Swavlamban Kendra”.

Active and Important role of Urban Health Centre and family planning centre managed by AIWC.

The UHC (Supported by Rajkot Municipal Corporation) managed by AIWC Rajkot and analogues to its family planning centre (AIWC) which is caretaker of many people, covers a vast area in Rajkot City. Since the declaration of COVID-19 as pandemic the entire staffs are, working round the clock.

  • Vaccination

The vaccination programme throughout India has already entered into the third phase of vaccination. From 1st May 2021 the Union Government launched a vaccination programme for all the adults in the country. Earlier the centre had successfully completed two phases of the vaccination programme; the first phase for 60 years up and for 45 years up respectively.

  • Major On Going Tasks:
  1. Identification of suspected cases of COVID – 19.
  2. Taking care of the patients who tested COVID-19 positive by providing medicines and guidance
  3. Distribution of free medicine

A team of doctors, para-medicals are continuously working on this front. Dr. Mauli Ganatra, Dr. Rajvi and team staff  total 31.

Lodging and Boarding facilities to the CORONA Warriors including Medicals and Para-Medicals at Working Women Hostel managed by AIWC.

Caring of lodging and boarding facilities of frontline COVID-19 workers who are in employ of the Government of Gujarat has been entrusted to AIWC. More than 70 medicos have been given allotment at the Hostel for the Working Women managed by AIWC.

Special care of residents living in old age home

As this pandemic prevails the most vulnerable group is senior citizens, and therefore special care and attention to their safety and needs are to be taken. For that AIWC is working with a commitment to ensure special care to the elderly by catering to their mental health needs, arranging yoga and well-being programmes, etcetera.

Counselling Services

The ongoing pandemic scenario has been a source of great hardship on the mental health and well-being of many. A Counselling Centre managed by AIWC has been working constantly for the mental support of those who need it through various platforms i.e. telephone counselling, video counselling, etcetera.

Supportive care of area in-charge and the beneficiaries of “Swavlamban Kendra”

AIWC undertakes a unique activity for economically weaker women who are in dire need of financial assistance. The project is called “Swavlamban Kendra” wherein vocational education is rendered to beneficiaries of the project so that they become self-sustainable in earning their livelihood. Almost every beneficiary of Swavlamban Kendras’ was out of employ or work and therefore had no source of Income; such beneficiaries were given food kits, rations and sufficient materials to sustain themselves by the courtesy of AIWC and other voluntary organisations.

Other than health care services rendered by AIWC Rajkot

  • Total expenditure in COVID-19 combat – ₹ 6,00,000/- INR and counting
  • Area covered – 22 urban slums & population of 1,50,000 slum dwellers
  • Distribution of Ayurvedic Ukala – 20,000 People
  • Distribution of homeopathic medicine (immunity booster) – 18,000 People
  • Regular distribution of Roti-Ghee-Jagree a total of more than 4,80,000 with support from Ahram Group, Gurudwara, Rajkot City Police.
  • Total masks manufactured and distributed –
    • 20,000 masks in Rajkot
    • 8,000 masks in Varanasi with support from AIWC Rajkot
  • Counselling sessions – 55


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