Remembering Past President Alice Yotopoulos Marangopoulos

It is with great sadness that as President of the International Alliance of Women I have to announce the death of Alice Yotopoulos Marangopoulos at the age of 101. She was buried in a civil funeral in Athens on 1st September. Alice was the 10th President of the IAW (1989 – 1996).

Alice Marangopoulos was a leading criminologist, President of the Hellenic Society of Criminology, Board member of the International Society of Criminology, Lawyer at the Supreme Court, Vice President of the Bar Association of Athens and the First Female University Rector to serve twice as Rector of Panteion University. She was also President of the National Commission for Human Rights. Alice was President of the Greek League for Women’s Rights for 30 years, a simple member of the League, a member of the board, and its Vice President for 80 years. She was also founder and President of the Marangopoulos Foundation for Human Rights, which is a very active NGO in consultative status with ECOSOC, UNESCO and Council of Europe.

Alice Marangopoulos was a prominent women’s human rights activist, a symbol of feminism in Greece and beyond. She worked diligently throughout her whole life for the improvement of the status of women through her contributions to landmark legislation, promoting gender equality and women’s human rights in her country (Greece). This encompassed family law, decriminalization of abortion, introduction of the principle of gender equality in the Hellenic Constitution of 1975, upon her proposal, incorporation of the principle of effective equality and the quota system in public life in the 2001 revision of the Hellenic Constitution, adopted upon her proposal etc.

Alice was a very influential defender of women’s human rights, not only in Greece, but also at the European and International level. She fought ardently against women’s human rights violations.

The President of Greece, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, said that Alice Marangopoulos’ institutional and political legacy has been an emblematic academic career and a committed and uncompromising battle in defence of human rights.

Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece, said that with her uncompromising struggles she has paved the way for effective gender equality, thus establishing a bright example to be followed by present and future generations.

The President of The Greek Parliament Nicos Voutsis,the Secretary General for Equality Fotini Kouvela, Political Parties, Trade Unions and eminent personalities in Greece and elsewhere have expressed their compassion for the loss of a most influential woman human rights activist who has challenged traditional gender roles and proved that it is possible for women to break gender stereotypes in all areas of life.
She will always be remembered for her passion for justice, human rights, gender equality, democracy and her multiple achievements in all these fields.