Sexual and gender-based violence as a political weapon in conflicts.

International Alliance of Women:
Proposal for a specific discussion group during the Geneva NGO Forum, November 2014.Beijing-Poster
Sexual and gender-based violence as a political weapon in conflicts.
Emerging issue: The potential of synergies between UN Security Council and CEDAW normative provisions .
The International Alliance of Women concerned about the systematic targeting of women and girls with sexual and gender-based violence in conflict situations and as a method of war, proposes to discuss specific input to the Beijing+20 process by assessing gaps and challenges in the implementation of normative provisions on women and conflict as formulated by the United Nations Security Council and the CEDAW Committee.
It has become clear that without a significant implementation shift, women and women’s perspectives will continue to be under-represented in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, and peace building for the foreseeable future.
This proposal relates to several “Critical Areas of Concern” of the Beijing Platform for Action as well as to its Strategic Objectives and Actions E on Women and Armed Conflict.
The discussion and its outcome would also provide input from women NGOs to the UN Security Council High-level Review, which will assess its Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda in 2015. In addition, it would provide input for the UN Post 2015 Development Agenda.