The International Women’s Day made in Cameroon 2023

Women's History Month

Cameroon joins the international community in marking a pause in order to celebrate women on the occasion of the day dedicated to them, March 8. The theme of this year’s celebration is around digital (see also CSW67, editor’s note). How women can use the opportunities given by digital to rise more, to empower one another and to raise awareness to change their story.

Our organization has been initiating several activities as part of this celebration since last week till the D-Day 8 March. Among these activities we have:

  • our annual WIN Women Leadership and Entrepreneurship conference on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Exchanges during debates on the media, conferences, reflection workshops on the women’s rights and girls in Cameroon, on how to implement new, stronger advocacy in favor of the advancement of women’s rights, justice, gender equality and sustainable development in communities with women as the main actors.
  • A capacity building workshop on digital with women and young women in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Alongside this, we also have charitable activities for disadvantaged women and vulnerable children through donations of food, hygiene and medicines kits.. We also have sports activities, trades training.

The big articulation of this celebration remains definitely the BIG PARADE of the D-Day, on March 8 with around 60,000 women and young girls, who will be in uniform, a common outfit that all women wear in Cameroon for each edition of March 8. They will walk with signs, messages of advocacy, denunciation of violence against women, and especially recognition and dissemination of victories, successes and achievements of women.

Women deserve to be celebrated every day and not only on March 8 because they are strong backbones in the development of our communities.

Long live to all women, long live to all the girls, in Cameroon, in Africa and throughout the world.

Anne Pélagie Yotchou Tzudjom
IAW Board Member
Water and Pads Project Member



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