Thirty-eighth IAW Congress:Carin Economy- Putting People over Profits


November 24-26, 2020


The theme of the 38th Congress suitably reflects the yearning of IAW membership globally, that is, putting people’s rights and needs over profit -towards a systematic change to a caring economy. In this wise, State budgets, recovery and stimulus programs, financial instruments must all provide adequate funding for gender equality projects and aim for the promotion of human rights, peace, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the cessation of climate change expeditiously.

IAW welcomes participants from various parts of the globe to its 2020 virtual Congress, which is its most important membership meeting triennially. Congress will, amongst others, deliberate on resolutions on Caring Economy and Unpaid Work; ILO Convention 189 Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers; Fund Healthcare not Welfare; Family Planning and Reproductive Rights. Elections will be held to usher in a new leadership for the next triennium and vital decisions taken on the IAW Action Programme, its advocacy, future projects and the admission of a number of new member organizations.

It is trite knowledge that the COVID-19 pandemic, wars, increase of inequalities and various forms of violence against women has hit women’s and girl’s rights, needs, health and economical status extremely hard globally. Persistent women’s rights violations now constitute a gnawing, universal predicament. Consequently, it is crucial at this time that IAW and aligned partners make women’s voices heard and ensure their equal participation in all endeavors of life in the International Community.

This is the first-ever virtual IAW Congress in its 116 years of existence. The Alliance, as one of the oldest women’s rights Non-Governmental Organizations, is well aware that at such precarious times as this, we must all intensify efforts towards the attainment of our noble objectives.  To this end, IAW genially embraces the new digital technological advancements in its management of current global challenges.

Joanna Manganara

Olufunmi Oluyede
Secretary General



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