Urgent call to action

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We urge YOU to sign the Open Letter developed and provided by AVAAZ

Dear friends in the US,

Our hearts are breaking with yours today — as millions of you lose the fundamental right to safe abortion care.

We write to you as feminists from across the globe who have fought for our right to access safe and legal abortions, often in the most hostile conditions — to share one message: solidarity is how we fight back.

The Supreme Court’s decision will have real and devastating consequences, especially for younger, Black, Latina, and low-income women.

But this isn’t the end of the fight. It’s the beginning of a new era for abortion rights in the US — and you have the power to decide what that looks like.

Over the past decade, abortion rights movements across the world have won impossible victories – because we took to the streets. We told our stories. We learned from each other. And we refused to be invisible, even under threat.

We have deep admiration for the courageous and tireless efforts you’ve already taken to protect your rights, and we want you to know that we won’t look away — we are part of your fight.

People of the United States, we are sending you solidarity from across the world.

And to President Biden, and all state and federal legislators — this is your fight too. We expect you to defend the rights of millions of your fellow Americans, and we will not stay silent if you choose to let them suffer.


Abortion rights defenders from across the world


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