WIZO’s pioneering work in preventing domestic violence 

This Newsweek article (full text below) tells the story of WIZO Israel’s Violent Men’s Hotline, the only one in Israel and one of a few in the world, offering guidance and counselling to thousands of men caught in the cycle of domestic violence, preventing untold suffering to women, children and families.

The article was written by Avi Mor, director of the Hotline, and by Malka Genachowski, director of WIZO’s Janet Burros Center for the Treatment and Prevention of Domestic Violence, in which the Hot Line operates. It showcases how WIZO is on the cutting edge of innovation in the battle against domestic violence, continually initiating new programs and services that bring a holistic and systematic approach to this complex problem, in treatment, prevention, education, advocacy and legislation.

We urge you to read this excellent article and share it widely.

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