World Water Day 2023

This is one of the sustainable goals of the UN

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Every March 22nd is the WORLD WATER DAY

Promoting health of schoolgirls by teaching them the biological cycle, is very important, but as we know in many places they would also need to have access to clean water and sanitation. Whereas in some schools there are mostly problems with the lack of acceptable toilets, in other regions there is also a lack of drinking water in some regions, so the schoolchildren are thirsty, as Goma Bastola from RUWON Nepal was recently describing it.

Unfortunately due to our very limited WP-resources we cannot change this situation. But maybe you are interested about some news concerning this topic. We have collected some of them for you.

Graduate Women
2023 World Water Day infographic (

Wateraid explains: What has water got to do with genderequality:
Water and Gender (YouTube Video)

UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Water & Sanitation – Website & Mandate:

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