New President of IAW: Cheryl Hayles, Canada

In her acceptance speech, Cheryl Hayles said among other things:

Thank you delegates and individual members for your vote of confidence.  That vote means a decision has been made by the members for the organization and its continuance.  Rights such as voting that we now take for granted resonates back to the inception of IAW and the reason the organization was established by women’s organizations growing around the world.

We are the inheritors of all those experiences of unrelenting commitment to women’s rights.

Thank you to past President Joanna Manganara and her Board for leading the organization for these past 7 years.  Your papers are a great contribution to the organization.

The new Board and I will be counting on every one to engage in the work we need to do to move the Alliance forward and continue to be influencers in our time.  There is much to be done but I know we have very many talented and dedicated women to work with.  By helping each other we can accomplish anything and I’m really looking forward to our work together.

Newly elected Secretary General: Olufunmi Oluyede, Nigeria

Newly elected Treasurer: Antonia Lavine, USA





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