Role of women in promoting peace and harmony for a better Pakistan

International Women's Day ApwaAPWA in collaboration with Umeed Jawan, organized a National Conference on the “Role of Women for promoting peace & harmony for a better Pakistan “with an aim to provide a platform for women, their facilities, policy makers, and other key stakeholders to come together to celebrate and highlight the contributions of women on International Women’s Day in March. There were 500+ people in attendance with participation and presence from stakeholders from various fields.

The main objectives of the conference were:

  • To celebrate International Women’s day and to highlight the importance of the role of women in peace and development.
  • To make key stakeholders aware of the need to support women and endorse a resolution regarding woman’s rights and role in peace and development to be taken forward to the policy-makers.
  • To sensitize key stakeholders and the community regarding the contributions of women in promoting peace and harmony.


  • Women are not inherently weak, but their circumstances make them so.
  • Any change must begin with education
  • Prioritization of Health (physical and mental) and Education policies as an urgent and necessary need.
  • More Confidence building and Empowerment opportunities for women.
  • Rural women most susceptible to violence and discrimination and must be brought into the conversations surrounding gender equality.
  • Peace and Harmony as vital to the advancement of gender equality.
  • Greater representation of women in government and decision making process.
  • Strict implementation of the CEDAW Convention to eliminate violence against women.


  • Signing of Resolution developed by APWA highlighting role of women in peace and harmony
  • MOU signed between APWA and LCWU for taking this cause forward
  • Candle light vigil to commemorate lost lives
  • Peace pledge by all participants
  • Announcement of development of a National Peace Network, to define and develop policy guidelines for advocating for peace and harmony led by women.

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