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Why the Panama Papers are a feminist issue

The realisation of women’s rights is not going to be achieved for free. UN Women have analysed country action plans on gender equality and found that some are facing a shortfall of up to 90% in the funds needed to achieve their goals. This is why the Panama Papers should be a primary concern for feminists around the world.

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cities for cedaw
IAW around the world

Cities and Leadership for Women’s Human Rights

“Cities have the ability to innovate and measure rapid change, even when national governments cannot—or will not—take action.” Soon-Young Yoon, IAW representative to the UN in New York, at UN Women Stakeholders’ Forum 2016

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Femicide, according to the UN, is the extreme and ultimate manifestation of existing forms of violence against women in patriarchal societies. Crimes of this kind reinforce the idea that women are sexual objects and belong to men

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