Lyda Verstegen

Human Rights

Child widows

Child widows exist! There are at least a million and a half of them. They are girls given into marriage at a young age and

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Human Rights Council

Barriers to Abortion

There is good news about barriers to abortions from Geneva, but the prospects of better access to abortion care in all countries according to international human rights standards is at best mixed.

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CSW 62 The Dutch Experience

Positive results are the recognition of women human rights defenders, diversity of women and girls, new agreements on reproductive health disparities, maternal mortality, health workforce en reaffirmation of existing commitments to Sexual Rights and Health Rights (SRHR).

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Poverty,Inequality and Women

ILO, the International Labour Organisation is the oldest specialised agency of the United Nations. It sets standards for the labour relations and for social justice.
IAW should keep promoting Recommendation 202 on social protection floors.

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Violence against indigenous women and girls

Lyda Verstegen reports from thesession of the Human Rights Council SEptember 2016 of the need for all countries having indigenous people to develop national action plans to prevent violence against indigenous women and girls

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